Order of Saint Cuthbert

Originating from the Egland Protectorate, the Order are Paladins dedicated to chivalry, social justice and high Charisma. They’ll take any race as a squire, as long as the individual has a CHA of at least 18.

Worship the obscure Saint Cuthbert (’you’ve probably never heard of him’). The Order all have exquisite facial hair/hair/scales, have set up at least one social justice programme (an orphanage/freed slave sanctuary/work placement for reformed warlocks) and usually run at least one artisan business (cold-pressed potions, artisan scabbards, really nice hooded cloaks). They’re annoying, but genuinely mean well, and don’t hesitate to help the needy, although they might stick around to pose for each others’ mephit portrait artists afterwards.

Members of the Order are encouraged to have at least one level in another class, the more obscure the better.


Order of Saint Cuthbert

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