Mounted Dwarves

From the Seventh to the current Age, the Dwarves have remained a small but persistent race of travellers, forever moving their caravans around the trade routes, now as much traders as warriors (although they’ll happily pick up arms when necessary) and ancient roads of Lodorthob. Dwarf caravans are usually twenty or so strong, made up of three or four families. Usually travel with either boars or bears (never both) and sturdy ponies. Dwarves have adapted remarkably well to this lifestyle, often using Rangers with raptor (bird of prey) companions to watch above the road and give warning of ambushers.

ALLIES: the Dwarves will always help the few Forest Ratmen that remain.
ENEMIES: the Dwarves hold long grudges against the Goliaths and Gnomes who forced them from their homes, although they will trade with these races when necessary; Dwarves are ultimately pragmatists, after all.

FAMOUS DWARVES: Grida Brimidotr,



Mounted Dwarves

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