Egland Protectorate

Loose alliance of Baronies in Southern Lordothob, boundaried by the Icelands to the south, the Frost Clans to the West.

The Protectorates have mostly mild, temperate weather, with rich mineral wealth, good fishing coasts and good farmlands. The nobility of Egland exist in a mainly feudal system, but are careful to keep on reasonable terms with their peasants, and have allowed a strong middle class to exist – the Guilds are powerful here.

Culture is high medieval, with many strong castles, a powerful caste of noble warrior/knights, and little tolerance for warlocks, most of whom are burned on sight.

The High Thane of Egland travels between the four Courts: Swords, Wands, Shields and Coins. Each is based in a different Barony, and care must be taken to keep the Courts balanced, lest tyranny overtake the land. Most of the knightly Orders are associated with a particular Court, save a very few, who are associated with the High Thane him or herself.


Barony of Pabryc
Barony of Ewwick
Barony of Egland
Barony of Reley
Barony of Ingor
Barony of Denby
Barony of Mica
Barony of Taford

Knightly Orders


Egland Protectorate

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