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The Story So Far

In the continent of Lordothob

The dwarf rogue Farondai Vajenei has been chased out of the town of Depool.
The dragonborn warlock Skie has ventured south from the desert lands in search of the demon lord Nagarash, who slaughtered their entire tribe.
The human fighter Reed Hilltopple has left his Frost Clan tribe in the Southern Icelands and travelled north to seek loot and adventure.

The players sought rest in a Dwarven Waystation, only to find the buildings abandoned and the staff and travellers missing.

The party found a dwarf cleric Dainna Kikellid who had became separated from her caravan and stung by a poisonous insect. She joined the party after they rescued her.

The players are currently exploring a mysterious network of caves, defended by swarms of insects.


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