Izmock the Gnome

While Sky, Farondai and Barbar were battling the Spined Demon, Lock and Aim decided to explore the webbed areas of the eastern chamber. Barbar abandoned her colleagues and joined them.

Aim burned the webs to the north and discovered a stone sarcophagus, holding the ancient body of a Ratman, with the inscription ‘Here Lies Akrit’. By his body was a Thunderwave Staff and five Awakened Acorns. Aim resurrected one of the dead Giant Wolf Spiders as her companion.

To the south, they found half the missing travellers in cocoons. Lock and Aim freed them, and Reed and Dainna escorted them to the surface.

The party travelled west and then north. They found a chamber with many spider eggs and the remaining cocooned travellers. Skie and Farondai escorted them to the surface. Before they left, Lock healed some of the travellers, and persuaded them to give her a Shield of the Kraken and an Invisibility Potion.

To the south was a spiral staircase, leading down. The party decided to explore further.

The staircase took the party to a vast chamber, with a large monolith at the west end, topped with a beast’s skull. A green-haired gnome was hitting the monolith with his staff, turning it, and all the crystals in the cavern, a dark red. He introduced himself as Izmock, claimed the party’s souls for Nagarash and cast two Bonfires with his staff, blocking their line of sight.

Barbar threatened the gnome in Abyssal, which caused him to pee his pants a little, and summon a giant Demon Spider, which descended from the ceiling.

Aim sent her Wolf Spider to attack the Giant Spider. Lock drank a potion of Invisibility and snuck up on Izmock, although irritatingly he kept moving away.

Barbar attacked the Demon Spider with her scimitars and was Webbed.

Imock attacked Aim with a ray of sickness.

Barbar and the Wolf Spider slew the Demon Spider. Izmock tried to flee. Lock used the power of the Shield of the Kraken to yank him back, and an exchange of Thunder magic took place. Izmock made another attempt to flee and Lock killed him with a Lightning spell.

Among Izmock’s posessions the party found a note, reading:

Izmock – when you have corrupted the stone, travel to the town of Aelbrig and seek more information on Damned Vengeance. Only when it is destroyed can our Lord take his rightful place as ruler of this Realm. The Blade Must Burn.

This (and a strangely curved ritual dagger found on his body) suggests Izmock was a member of a Nagarash-worshipping cult: The Cult of The Burning Blade.


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