The party discovered three unconscious adventurers hanging from the ceiling in cocoons. When freed, they were revealed as: Barbar, a cute gnome fighter (with a surprising grasp of the demonic language of Abyssal), Aim, an elvish mage and trainee necromancer (determined to use her powers for good), and Lock, a pirate cleric, who immediately began assessing the worth of the collection of ancient skulls in the first room.

Bardbard, Aim and Lock joined the party.

Exploring south, the party discovered many strange mummified bodies. The dwarf rogue found a Silver Sword. They also found the body of a cleric, with a Rosewight Cloak and a staff of St. Dacre.

Exploring East, Barbar was caught in a web. Two giant wolf spiders attacked. Aim missed. Bardbard injured one. Lock mashed them both with her flail.

Barbar investigated an ancient forge and found a silver figurine of a raven.

Exploring West, the dwarf rogue Farondai briefly glimpsed a spiked shadow.

The party discovered the body of a wizard’s bodyguard, with a Grog’s Shield and a Scroll of Poison Spray. A Spined Demon attacked. Barbar attempted to communicate with it in Abyssal. This failed, but Farondai was able to use this distraction to sneak attack it with a crossbow. Reed shot it with his longbow.

Barbar wandered off an investigated a small treasure chest. She was poisoned by a trap.

The dwarf rogue and Skie were injured by the creature’s tail spines, but Farondai managed to finish it off with another crossbow attack.


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